A little history about Carefree Tire

Since 1971, the scientists at Carefree Tire have been developing a line of technologically advanced polyurethane products and in 1977 developed a high performance flexible polyurethane formulation. By combining this proprietary blend of micro-cellular polyurethane with a novel manufacturing method of centrifugal casting, light-weigh and durable Carefree Tires provides an “air cushioned” ride without adding any significant weight, delivering the assurance and durability of a solid tire with the performance of a pneumatic tire.

Carefree Tire innovative process of manufacturing is specifically designed to create a tire that has a durable non-porous outer elastomeric skin with a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells. The tough-yet-flexible outer skin allows for a firm tread area that provides excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures, and chemical attack, while the dense micro-cellular core reduces rolling resistance, and allows for greater shock absorption. As a result, not only will a Carefree Tire last four to ten times longer than a similar pneumatic tire but it requires much less effort to roll.

Carefree Tire is now the world's leading supplier of micro-cellular polyurethane FLAT-FREE tires by providing millions of tires into the Industrial, Material Handling, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Medical Mobility markets. In fact, no other tire in its class is specified on more original equipment manufactured in America than the Carefree Tire.

Please contact us or browse our web page for more product information and to review all sizes available. Note that Carefree Tire can help you design, develop, and manufacture products that meet your precise requirements. 

15th Feb 2014 JPadilla

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