​Carefree Tires: A Purchase You Won’t Regret

Carefree Tires: A Purchase You Won’t Regret

The time to look into buying new tires to replace the worn-out tires of your Wheelbarrow, Hand Truck or Carts has come again. You could just place your order for the exact same tires you are about to throw out, but maybe it's time to invest in something better, something that will get you the quality you had hoped for in your last set of tires.

That’s where Carefree Tires come in. In making our tires we steer away from producing, yet another, air-pneumatic tire or hard rubber tire. These other tires seem to be in unusable conditions every time you need them; air-pneumatic tires for example, are either low on air pressure or totally flat.

At Carefree we take a different approach, using a high performance Microcellular Polyurethane Material and a centrifugal casting manufacturing process to ensure the tires will be ready for you at any given time.

By using Microcellular Polyurethane Material and manufacturing process, we develop a durable non-porous outer elastomeric skin that has a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells, the durability of the tire increases significantly. In simpler terms, Carefree tires’ outer layer paired with the cell packed core creates a resistance to damages like tears and punctures. This can double and even triple the lifetime of the tire, compared to the typical air-pneumatic tires.

Additionally, our tires have great shock absorption and, in some cases, can support loads over 500 lbs. Not to mention they are super lightweight and in most cases non-marking. And now you can order directly on our website.

By investing in high quality tires like the ones we provide at Carefree Tire, will save you money in the long run by reducing the number of times you will need to replace a damaged (Flat) tire. 

With Carefree Tires you know you will always have a tire ready to go to work and when you need it most.

17th Apr 2020 AZermeno

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