How to Mount Solid Tires On Rims


1. Locate and slide cradle pins in second hole from bottom in main frame (for all Carefree Tires).

Place tire on cradle plates with tire inside diameter clear of cradle and cradle plates.

This will allow for cone to slide through tire and cradle. 

2. Firmly place small end of cone into tire. 

3. Center wheel on cone. Slide jack frame so 1½” press die lines up “on center” with wheel bearing or bushing.


4. Proceed to hand lever jack. Be certain hydraulic lever is turned completely clockwise. 

5. Hand lever jack until cone drops through tire onto workbench. Release the ram pressure by turning hydraulic lever counter clockwise.


When mounting other wheels, adjust cradle height according to cone and wheel size.

You can order mounting cones form our website: